The detailed programme is coming in a due course.

Wednesday 6 October (Vilnius):  

International conference   

The international conference will focus on global trends in defence technologies, innovations,  ways to access arising opportunities (incl. R&D and supply chain), partnering and co-operation, development of defence ecosystems. The conference will take place in Vilnius and also will be live streamed.  

B2B meetings   

Meet the right people during the conference, by arranging B2B meetings in advance. Online registration and scheduling will be available via a professional B2B platform. You will have an option to schedule in-person or virtual meetings.  

Thursday 7 October (Pabrade):  

Partner event. Live Firing Show  

Real opportunities will be provided to test out different weaponry and military machinery in an open-field environment. Enterprise Lithuania organises an innovation stand of Lithuanian high-tech military solutions will be presented at the innovation stand of the on-site exhibition. More information on Live Firing Show.